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Penny Stock Picks & Top Resources

Here is a list of the top resources and trading tools used by the top gurus that will give you a HUGE edge when  trading penny stocks. After you go through this list and try out these tools, you will feel dumb for not having had them before. If you are have been trading without these tools, you’re LOSING money. In addition, although I myself don’t provide Penny Stock picks, I know there are still those of you who want them and so I provide you with access to the best ones available on the Internet. Let me know what you guys think!

1. Tim Sykes Penny Stocking Silver & Penny Stock

Learn from the master himself. Here is an extremely hard to find link to Tim Sykes Penny Stocking Silver service which includes his entire Video Library of 2000+ videos, his daily watch list, and the ability to sign up for his real time alerts. The tools I’ve already given you are amazing in themselves but this one will truly bring your trading to the next level. You get the videos and premium membership to the penny stock expert who has not only made millions in the stock market himself but has already taught several other people how to make millions as well. Here is the link, I hope you make good use of it:

2. Super Man Super Trades Pro (suited for those who want to invest long term) Yes, not only did I get you guys a link for Tim Sykes membership program, but also I went above and beyond and got you another link for Super Trades Pro. Take advantage of these amazing benefits and look into each and every part of their service. The chat rooms themselves are worth the membership because you know you are truly surrounded by dedicating and willing-to-learn traders, all with various rates of experience ranging from newbies to 15+ year veteran traders. Super Man also has his own huge library of video lessons, gives you his EXACT proprietary trading formula (which is pretty freaking incredible once you understand how it works), and also a daily stock watch list. Here is the link:

3. Stock Screening Tool – EquityFeed Every day, newbie and intermediate traders wonder “What ticker should I trade?”, “How do I find which stocks are in play?”, and “What stock should I invest in?”. Well, Equity Feed answers all your questions. This is the probably the best and simplest stock screen AND live news screening tool there is. They provide a free 30-day trial so make sure you take advantage of it. The basic plan is just OTCBB and Pink Sheets so if you just use that then just sign up for that one but the next level step has AMEX, NASDAQ, and NYSE too all under $5 so it’s extremely useful to screen a wide array of stocks. Remember, the free 30-day trial may be used for any of these plans so feel free to experiment! After you make your account, make sure your Java is up to date (I’ve found that most people emailing me with issues with this amazing software just don’t have there Java up to date…even if you think you do, you probably don’t). Then, once the platform is installed, it opens to this screen: Equity Feed Menu After, you go to Feedviews -> Market View and boom, there’s your stock screener! It is real time and amazing and you can filter it with my favorite filters such as Price between .1 and $5, Volume above 500,000 shares, Trades about 300, Avg. Daily Volume about 200,000, etc! This is a sample of how it looks, you can even add/remove/edit columns to adjust the scanner into a way that you love to trade. For example, you can see how many news articles a stock has out and sort/filter by that as well! See below Equity Feed Screen Furthermore, it is truly an interactive tool so when you click on a ticker you can open up the Chart for it which has very good information and you can again change the time ranges, looks at news, and even see historical news and how it affected the stock in the past! Look at the example below! Chart Shows Time & Sales as well as news and you see those small tiny yellow dots on the chart? Those are actually news articles so you can even see exactly how different pieces of news and filings affects the stock! Truly a game changer, you need Equity Feed if you want to even consider yourself a trader. 4. LEVEL 2 FREE with TD Ameritrade If you are trading without Level 2, you might as well be flushing your money down the toilet. If you are using strategies such as the Earnings + Breakout method or shorting or almost any strategy (except the minority that somehow trades without charts, I don’t know anyone who does though), then you need Level 2. If you don’t know what level 2 is, see below and if you want to learn more, you have to check out this DVD called Learn Level 2 by Tim Sykes. The DVD is pricy of course but you need to understand the ins and outs of Level 2 if you want to be successful in trading. First watch all the free videos about the subject on YouTube and try virtual/real trading while using Level 2 and then if you want additional analysis tips, then seek your advice in the DVD above. See below for an example of Level 2 if you don’t have a clue about what I am referring to. nphc-lv2 However, pretty much all brokers charge about an additional $50/month for access to Level 2. Therefore, I recommend you get yourself a TD Ameritrade account as soon as possible. Don’t worry, I am in no way affiliated with them. However, they are the ONLY brokerage I know that provide Level 2 access for free, even without a funded account! I advise you quickly take 5 minutes out to create an account wit 5. In Penny Stock Daily WatchList & Video Library Last but not least is the piece that every single “free” material needs to have: my own pitch! Of course, if you are reading this, you’ve already taken the smartest free offer in itself as now, you will get my emails with all the best updates and offers that you as traders can possibly receive. However, I am currently in the middle of creating my own extensive video library of lessons detailing my trading strategy, my earnings + breakout strategy, how I research, how I trade, etc. and would love to hear any feedback or any questions you guys have so I can create videos specifically tailored to answering your questions.

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