Penny Stock Picks

One of the top and oldest Penny Stock Pick newsletter services in the world are our friends over at Not only have they been around since 1996, they are also one of the top penny stock newsletters in terms of their track record, and they list ALL their trades, showing gains of 50% and greater. The newsletter is published twice a month and gives you the penny stock picks you need to profit greatly from trading. Definitely give them a look!

For those of you who have been my long term members, you know that I usually never support or promote any penny stock newsletters. However, there is one diamond in the rough that I’ve recently come across that truly delivers value to their subscribers and that is PennyStockTrading. I have personally become a subscriber to there newsletter and it is truly perhaps one of the best penny stock pick services out there. There are two main reasons why they stand out:


  1. Instead of throwing a bunch of different stock tickers at you, they pick the best ones and not only outline them and their company but also provide a range of price for recommended buys! In addition, these buy recommendations are usually backed up not only by fundamental analysis of the company but also technical analysis of the stock charts. This simple extra feature of their service makes them standout above the rest of the other penny stock newsletters. As any profitable trader will tell you and as I consistently discuss in my videos, a perfect stock buy is only perfect depending upon the price you buy it for, and the range that PennyStockTrading outlines is excellent.
  2. When you first sign up, they provide you with a great eBook packaged with top beginner information for how to get started. Of course this is just a basis for your penny stock trading education, but it differentiates them in that you know they are after your best interests as they disclose everything and anything for the stocks they recommend.

So definitely check it out, and let me know what you guys think! They are also quite friendly and from what I’ve seen, respond quickly to any one who reaches out to them.