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Below is a list of the Top Penny Stock traders in the industry. Please let me know if I missed one or if you would like me to review one. As you will see by the descriptions, all traders are NOT equal. Even though we all trade “penny stocks”, each of these traders has their own style and technique and teach drastically different strategies. Find the one that works for you or appeals to you and master it, before moving on to any other expert. However, you may find it useful to at least be subscribed to them (links below) so that you can get their daily watchlist and be informed of all the top plays; believe me, they catch them all.

Timothy SykesTRADES STOCKS ON ALL MARKETS INCLUDING OTCBB, PINKSHEET, NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE. PRIMARILY SHORTS NOWADAYS. This one is obvious. Tim is the most popular figure there is related to Penny Stocks and he is pretty much the top teacher in the day trading of penny stocks industry, if you can call this an industry. He genuinely does his best to try and teach to the best of his ability and I got interested in penny stocks thanks to him. Sign up for his newsletter service here to be able to access his teachings and his video lessons. Though it is slightly costly, you will make back 100x your investment through his knowledge and advice and his video lessons are amazing.



Super Man – TRADES ONLY NASDAQ, AMEX, AND NYSE. YOU CANNOT EVEN DISCUSS OTCBB AND PINKSHEETS IN HIS CHATROOM WITHOUT APPROVAL FROM A MOD. If you don’t have time to keep your eyes glued to the markets and rather try and get stock picks that will go up, Super Man is the expert for you. He has his trades verified all here on his blog and has high success with going long. As you can see on his blog, he is an ex-CFO with a successful career in accounting and finance and so is a master at SEC filings and understanding the fundamentals of companies. Subscribe for him here. Again, costly newsletter service, which is why I provide my service cheaply (FREE) but he has a very high and successful proven track record and you will make your money back quickly. He acts almost like a portfolio manager, managing over 10 positions in stocks at a time and as he says, he focuses on “maximizing the gains and minimizing the losses”

StocktradingTeam – The STOCKTRADINGTEAM has designed a blog focusing on technical analysis, and they focus on teaching you how to trade stocks using these indicators.  Most of the blog content is designed to teach you the basics of understanding why stocks “do what they do”, and the ultimate goal is to teach you how to become a profitable trader using basic techniques.

Connor Bruggemann – Connor Bruggemann turned $9,700 into over $360,000 trading penny stocks on the go. Connor made much of his money trading in school part time so his strategy is ideal for those trading part time with smaller accounts.

TriForce Trader – Trading multiple sectors and financial instruments achieved almost a 600% return in 2014 and 100% return in 2015. Now he shares all his patterns, rules, lessons, and proprietary algorithms with his subscribers that helped him surpass $1 million in profits.

Below are what I believe to be the best penny stock products that  I have come across. I only list those that I feel can relate to today’s trading markets and trends and only those that have truly essential information that will help you increase your profitable trading strategies and knowledge. If you feel like one of these products is not helpful or up to date or you have any more recommendations for penny stock products that are not on the list, please feel free to reach out! It is probably because I felt like the material below covered the information in a better fashion but there’s also a high chance that maybe I just never got my hands on that product/video/research yet so let me know. At the moment, I only have the popular Profitly products listed as you see below.

 Profitly Products

PennyStocking – One of Tim Sykes first DVDs, this is for TRUE beginners that are new to the stock market. Tim goes over all the basics. Don’t mind the quality, its not bad but its not HD, but the content is perfect for anyone who is new to the markets and is intrigued to start.

PennyStocking Part Deux – This is one of the best DVDs Tim Sykes has done. This is also a very comprehensive guide for beginners but then Tim goes onto show how to be successful with shorting. Definitely a must see to understand how profitable it is to short.