Everyone knows you should save and invest, but they don’t.


  • That’s why I started this website.
  • The REAL question is…how do you trade to consistently yield profits?
  • There are an almost unlimted number of methods to trading.
  • The reality is that you will never use every method.
  • Even I don’t focus on everything. Why? Because it’s impossible.
  • But I’m still able to get amazing results because I’ve figured out a handful of tactics that actually move your portfolio upward.
  • Just take a look at the screenshot below…


One of my students made $3,000 in 30 minutes.


  • YES – it’s possible. I increased my profits over 200% on a weekly basis within 1 year.
  • Take a look at my Google Search Rankings. I’m ranked 3rd for videos under “penny stocks” (the most competitive keyword in the industry).


As you can tell from the screenshots above, I know my stuff. This is what I do better than anybody – rapidly growing profits.


  • This is the main reason I’ve been able to work with thousands of students, like the ones below.



  • If you think my own results are impressive, the profits I’ve made for my Executive team are out of this world.
  • I’ve gotten so good at helping students trade that I now have over 1,500 people competing to learn from me each MONTH.
  • So the real question isn’t whether I can increase your profits...it’s whether I have time for you. I like focusing only on what I’m good at – making profits through trading.
  • So, if you really want to work with me, sign up to one of my packages and I can invest my time on your portfolio.

InPennyStock Packages



$ 250 /month
  • 1 Coaching Call with Mubarak
  • Access to 100+ Trading Lessons
  • 24 Hours Team Support
  • Email Trading Alerts



$ 500 /One-Time Payment (50% Off For A Limited Time)
  • 1 Week with Mubarak
  • Access to Udemy Courses
  • Access to Premium Webinar
  • Access to Lesson Library
  • Email Trading Alerts



$ 50 /month
  • Access to 50+ Trading Lessons
  • 24 Hours Team Support
  • Structured Stock Trading Certification Course

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